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Benefits For Sabah Oil & Gas Sector


Platform For Industrial & Technical Upscaling

An important milestone for Sabah

Sabah Oil and Gas Service Council (SOGSC) had recently signed an MOU with Malaysian Oil, Gas & Energy Services Council (MOGSC).

This historic event was done in conjunction with Energy Asia 2023.

We are pleased to have representatives from SMJ Sdn Bhd and Petronas Industry Shaping and Collaboration team to witness this historic moment.


To be the main representative of Sabah Oil and Gas Services Equipment (OGSE) provider by promotion of their core capabilities, expertise and competencies.

To be an active platform for engagement and collaboration with all relevant industry stakeholder for the benefits of the Sabah Oil and Gas Sector.

The promotion of Sabah as a national and regional hub for oil and gas technical resources, value products and competent services.

The Prime Mover for national and state building by providing a platform for Sabah Oil and Gas Services Equipment (OGSE) provider the platform for industrial and technical upscaling.

Press Release SMJ-SOGSC (06 MARCH 2023)


To position a prominent roles in assisting Sabah OGSE Players by ways of engagement with state/federal government agency and state/federal/private financial institution  for financing and grant targeted for the oil and gas sector

To play a leading role in Championing for local OGSE content for Sabah and the national Oil and Gas scene. To provide an avenue for members to seek for strategic collaboration and partnership among local OGSE and national/international players for the purpose of technical upscaling and improvement.

To engage with the relevant industry stakeholder in Sabah to ensure a fair and sustainable contract system that could achieved win-win situation whereby operational and contractual needs is met with the highest standard while increasing of Sabah local content in the current contractual value chain

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