News March 6, 2023

SOGSC teams up with SMJSB to boost participation of Sabahan contractors in oil and gas industry

Published on: March 6, 2023
By: Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Oil and Gas Services Council (SOGSC) has partnered with SMJ Sdn Bhd (SMJSB), the Sabah State oil and gas company, in a bid to enhance Sabahan Contractor’s participation in the oil and gas services industry in Sabah. The engagement session was attended by SOGSC Protem President, Datuk Hj Harris Annuar Tan, and six Protem Committee members.

During the engagement, both parties discussed strategies to support Sabah’s aspiration to achieve greater revenue sharing and increased participation of Sabahan oil and gas services and equipment (OGSE) companies in all oil & gas services sectors in Sabah.

In line with this, they exchanged ideas on how to sustainably develop specific capabilities and capacities of Sabahan companies, ensuring their long-term participation in a meaningful, significant, and systematic manner without compromising technical requirements, safety, quality, project costs, and schedule.

SMJSB, through the engagement session, encouraged SOGSC to recruit as many Sabahan OGSE contractors under its wing, allowing the council to be one of the primary stakeholders in engaging and developing Sabahan OGSE companies’ skills, capabilities, and capacities.

SOGSC Protem Vice President, Jesselton Jason, has extended an invitation to Sabahan OGSE contractors to register with the SOGSC secretariat at

The council also expressed its appreciation to SMJSB for its commitment to have regular engagements for the benefit of Sabahan OGSE companies.

The partnership between SOGSC and SMJSB is a significant step towards achieving Sabah’s goal of greater revenue sharing and participation of Sabahan OGSE companies in all oil & gas services sectors in the region.

The collaboration will also aid Sabahan OGSE contractors in developing their capabilities and capacities sustainably, ensuring their long-term participation in the oil and gas value chain in Sabah.